CSI among the Finnish Achievers for the 9th consecutive year

CSI started its 38th year of operations by receiving the Kauppalehti Achievers certificate for the 9th consecutive year. The certificate indicates that CSI’s financial performance is among the best in its industry and in Finland. We are happy that our investment in the quality and reliability of the services have paid off.

For the achievement, we owe big thanks to our staff but also to our customers and business partners who have been actively involved in the development of our services.

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Alexei Golovanov appointed as Software Developer

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Pauli Karels appointed as Software Developer

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CSI Helsinki recognized as NetDocument’s EMEA Emerging Partner of the Year 2023

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CSI Lawyer 12.0 has been published

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CSI has been Kauppalehti’s Achiever for 10 consecutive years

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Nina Laine as software consultant

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Pekka Salo appointed head of CSI’s consulting team

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Sami Saarnio appointed as software consultant

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Daniela Holmberg appointed as Account Manager

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CSI Lawyer cloud service is available from Ms Azure datacenter in Sweden

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CSI Helsinki joins Saarni Cloud – a Finnish software group offering SaaS services

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Documents related to legal matters in CSI can now be saved in NetDocuments

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CSI integrates with Ilves’ new time tracking product

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CSI Lawyer 11.0 has been published

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Customer case: AG Advokat

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Customer case: Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd

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New Account Managers at CSI

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Customer case: Lexia Attorneys

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Season Greetings from CSI

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CSI Lawyer 10.1 is published

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CSI integrates to Clento

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Personnel news

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CSI integrates to O365 SharePoint

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CSI integrates to DOKS

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CSI Lawyer 10.0 has been published

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CSI Lawyer can be integrated to Due AML

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CSI and Due Compliance collaborating

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New resources in the service team

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New team members and nominations

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CSI among the Finnish Achievers for the 9th consecutive year

CSI started its 38th year of operations by receiving the Kauppalehti Achievers certificate for the 9th consecutive year. The certificate indicates that CSI’s financial performance is among the best in its industry and in Finland. We are happy that our investment in the quality and reliability of the services have paid off.

For the achievement, we owe big thanks to our staff but also to our customers and business partners who have been actively involved in the development of our services.

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Alexei Golovanov has started as a Junior Full Stack Developer the 1t of March 24.

In his position, Alexei will primarily focus on backend and frontend development of CSI software related desktop, browser and mobile applications. In addition to coding expertise, he brings his long customer service experience to our team.

We warmly welcome Alexei to the team!

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CSI’s software development team has new resources as Pauli Karels has started as a Junior Software Developer on the 15th of January.

In his role, Pauli will primarily focus on the development of C# .Net/Core applications as well as on integrations between the CSI software and third-party applications.

We warmly welcome Pauli to the team!

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NetDocuments, the world’s #1 trusted cloud platform where legal professionals do their best work, announced the winners of their 2023 Inspire Partner Awards.   

NetDocuments’ fourth annual Partner Awards recognized leading partner companies spanning the ISV network, implementation providers, and international partner organizations in Asia Pacific, EMEA, and Latin America.

CSI Helsinki achieved the NetDocuments EMEA Emerging Partner of the Year Award, recognizing CSI’s ability to consistently surpass expectations and contribute significantly to the growth of their business with NetDocuments. The award was received by Pekka Salo, Manager of CSI’s Consulting Services team, at the NetDocuments Inspire Conference in London.

Mikko Hämäläinen, Sales Director at CSI, comments, “We are honored to have received this award. As the market leader in legal practice management solutions in Finland and the Baltic countries, we find the NetDocuments offering to be a very significant value-add for our clients. This award reinforces our commitment to keep up our close collaboration with NetDocuments, which has worked brilliantly ever since the start”.

The annual NetDocuments Inspire conference brings together a diverse community of legal industry leaders, experts, influencers, and peers for an opportunity to collectively share each other’s accomplishments, innovations, and anticipated needs for the future. Inspire 2023 featured educational and product-focused sessions on how AI is revolutionizing legal workflows and the solutions you rely on every day; how NetDocuments is innovating the Microsoft productivity tools legal professionals are already using, and how business can plan for the rapid pace of innovation and disruption in the legal tech space, now and in the future.

“The NetDocuments partner ecosystem is critical to the company and our ability to deliver enduring value to our customers,” said Reza Parsia, VP, Strategic Partnerships, NetDocuments. “Our partners work tirelessly to ensure our mutual customers are able to deliver better service and continually innovate. This ‘will do’ attitude and relentless commitment to the success of our customers is what our ‘Partners of the Year’ winners prove on a daily basis.”

About NetDocuments

NetDocuments is a leading cloud-based content management and productivity platform that helps legal professionals do their best work. Backed by over 20 years of experience in cloud innovation, NetDocuments offers a complete end-to-end platform for document and email organization and management, including award-winning automation and research capabilities; robust security, collaboration, and search technologies; seamless integrations with other tools professionals use daily; and a suite of large language model AI-powered solutions with the security and guardrails to manage AI responsibly. NetDocuments supports over 7,000+ law firms, corporate legal departments, and public sector entities globally. Learn more about NetDocuments.

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CSI Lawyer version 12.0 is now available for customers downloading their updates from the web.

The new version brings with it many improvements requested by the customers, i.e.

  • New options for matter pricing
  • Improved invoicing functionality
  • More flexible user access management
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CSI has been rewarded the Kauppalehti Achiever certificate again, as a proof of being a top performer among Finnish companies. 

The Achievers badge is a guarantee for quality and reliability as well as a proof of the company taking good care of its customers, business partners, and employees. The Achiever certificate also anticipates the future success of the company.

Based on the annual analysis made by Alma Talent Oy, the reward is granted to companies with excellence in six areas: growth, profitability, results, liquidity, solvency and risk tolerance. For each area, the company is scored in its own size category compared to all companies in Alma Talent’s database as well as companies within the same field. Our Achievers 2014-2023 certificate is based on the accounting periods between 2013/06 and 2023/05.

Each achievement like this is a team effort. Therefore, we warmly thank our committed employees, customers and partners who have made this success possible.

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Nina Laine has started in CSI’s consulting team as a junior consultant.

In her role, she provides CSI customers with technical specialist services related to the CSI software, the document management systems resold by CSI as well as CSI software related integrations. Her duties also include assisting CSI’s customer support team in support requests that require technical expertise.

Nina has a master’s degree in Journalism and Communication, versatile work experience e.g. in sales and customer service and the desire to challenge herself and learn new as an IT specialist.

We warmly welcome Nina to the team!

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Pekka Salo has been appointed Consulting Services Manager and a member of CSI’s management team on June 1st, 2023. He continues to provide consulting services to our clients, while also being responsible for the operations of the consulting team. Pekka’s long experience at CSI in product development and consulting tasks provides an excellent basis for his new role.

Product Director Teemu Vilkko, who previously led the consulting team, will focus on the design of CSI’s new software products and on developing the product understanding of CSI’s different teams.

We wish both Teemu and Pekka best of luck in their new job roles!

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Sami Saarnio has been appointed as software consultant in CSI’s consulting team. He provides CSI customers with technical services related to software deployments, customizations, and integrations, and supports the customer service team in matters requiring technical expertise.

Sami has long and diverse experience in various IT tasks at Volvo CE Finland, which operates as an importer and dealer of earthmoving machinery in Finland. He has worked with databases for over 20 years, implementing e.g. integrations and data visualization.

We warmly welcome Sami to the team!

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Daniela Holmberg has started as Account Manager. Daniela has experience from working at different ministries, the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm, and a Finnish communications bureau. She has a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and is currently studying for a master’s degree in business law and foreign trade. Daniela’s role in CSI´s customer service team provides a nice basis for her further studies. 

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CSI has a new Microsoft Azure data center in Sweden. CSI Lawyer can thus be acquired as cloud service with the customer’s database installed in the data center in Sweden.

The new Online alternative offers our cloud service customers better availability and security of the CSI Lawyer cloud service. And, for our Swedish customers, also quicker response times compared to the current CSI Lawyer cloud service in the Finnish data center.

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CSI Helsinki, specialized in legal industry solutions, has joined the Saarni Cloud group. The transaction supports CSI’s business development and future growth plans. It has no impact on CSI Helsinki’s employees, customers or partners.

CSI Helsinki is the market leader in legal software solutions in Finland. The CSI software is used for managing and invoicing legal matters in law firms of all sizes. In addition to Finland, the company has customers in Sweden and the Baltic countries.

– We’ll continue being the same familiar and reliable long-term partner for law firms. I look forward to cooperating and sharing good experiences and learnings with other Saarni Cloud companies. As a member of a wider group, we can develop our business further both in Finland and abroad, says Harri Tiili, CEO of CSI Helsinki.

The merger, which took place in December, has no impact on CSI Helsinki’s employees, customers or partners. The company’s current management team continues developing CSI‘s business as an independent unit belonging to the Saarni Cloud community.

The Saarni Cloud group’s CEO Kaj Rintala sees CSI Helsinki as an excellent addition to the SaaS community:

– With its software solutions, CSI Helsinki helps its customer companies to grow and their employees to succeed in their work. This arrangement enables us to offer an even more comprehensive set of services to a wider customer base. I am also happy that Saarni Cloud is seen by leading software companies as an attractive community to support growth.

Further information:

Harri Tiili
Managing Director, CSI Helsinki
+358 40 543 2482

Kaj Rintala
Managing Director, Saarni Cloud
+358 40 141 3040

Saarni Cloud is a Finnish software group offering SaaS services. 400,000 people in Finland and Northern Europe use Saarni Cloud’s HR, learning, work time tracking, financial management and analytics services. The Group already has more than 1,000 customer companies operating in various industries and more than 100 employees. More information on Saarni Cloud is available at https://saarnicloud.com/en/

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Good management of customer and matter related documents is crucial at any office handling legal matters. To keep matter-related documents organized, CSI Lawyer can now be linked to NetDocuments, the leading cloud document management system for legal professionals. NetDocument provides a reliable and secure way to store, find, share, automate, and collaborate on documents – using any device. 

As a NetDocuments partner, CSI can both sell, implement, and integrate NetDocuments for law firms using CSI Lawyer. Our NetDocuments certified consultants and long experience from other document management tools ensure a successful deployment.

For more information on NetDocuments, click here.

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CSI customers can now benefit from the new activity & time tracking service Ilves MyActivities Pro. CSI Helsinki provides the service in close collaboration with Ilves.

Ilves MyActivities makes time recording more efficient by automatically bringing lawyers’ activities (e.g. documents, messages, calls, meetings) into one place on their personal activity timeline. Ilves offers several ready-made connectors (e.g. MSO365 apps, iManage, M-Files, Enreach) to enable this capability.

With the new two-way integration between Ilves MyActivities Pro and the CSI Lawyer software, lawyers can send their time entries into CSI Lawyer directly from the Ilves’ activity timeline, by easily dragging and dropping any type of activities into billables. Time entries are pre-filled with the available  activity metadata, and the lawyers just have to verify and confirm the pre-filled data instead of entering all the time entry data manually.

“Our collaboration offers law firms an easy way to make more profit with minimal effort. I believe that better results and the better working day experience of lawyers will be of interest to all law firms.” says CEO Heikki Ilvessalo, Ilves Solutions Oy.


  • Minimizes time leakage, i.e. forgotten billable entries
  • Saves time for lawyers, assistants, and the financial department
  • Offers clear benefits measurable in money and a quick payback time
  • Enables flexible invoicing routines
  • Improves the working day experience and reduces stress
  • Flexible opportunities to use the firm’s own vocabulary and standard procedure lists
  • Unifies time entries thanks to intelligent and customizable pre-filling automation

Ilves MyActivities service:

  • Available as a browser or Teams app interface (easy-to-use user interface developed in cooperation with lawyers)
  • Cloud or on-premise delivery
  • Basic version (only activity timeline) or integrated Pro version
  • Audited information security (owasp)

The service has been developed and tested in cooperation with leading law firms and individuals. Book a meeting and a demo session with Ilves here.

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CSI Lawyer version 11.0 is now available for customers downloading their updates from the web.

Version 11.0 offers i.e.

  • renewed invoicing functionality for customers using the main and sub-matter structure
  • general improvements to pricing and invoicing
  • improvements to user access rights and security
  • improvements to integrations, e.g. a possibility to link CSI Lawyer to NetDocuments.
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AG Advokat wanted a system that would provide real-time information about their business and be suitable for an office of their size in order to get the most out of it. CSI Lawyer offered both versatile features and a clear and simple user interface.

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CSI Lawyer is the core of Castrén & Snellman’s office system: the ERP system that connects their entire organization. The software contains their company’s most valuable data, the work done in customer matters as well as the related costs. Information needed for business management is generated by exporting the CSI data to their data warehouse, where it is combined with the data imported from their other systems.

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CSI’s customer service team has two new specialists.

Kristiina Fugleberg, M.Sc. (Econ.) and Niklas Tenström, B.Sc. (Econ.) have started in May 2022 as Account Managers.

Kristiina brings to our team solid expertise from the insurance industry, where she has worked in customer service, marketing and communications, and business development positions. In addition to her customer service duties, Kristiina will be strongly involved in CSI’s marketing and communications.

Niklas is completing his master’s degree and has previously gained work experience in sales and marketing positions and stakeholder communication.

Both Kristiina and Niklas support our customers in CSI software use in English, Swedish and Finnish.

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The versatile CSI Lawyer supports well the work of Lexia’s lawyers, and its processes guide our way of working in their office. Matter management, pricing and invoicing have become more efficient as expected and the integrations have eliminated the need to jump between different programs.

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Again, it’s time to thank all CSI customers and partners for good cooperation throughout the year. During the year we have acquired new, interesting customers both in the Baltics, Finland and Sweden. We have also been working closely together with our pre-existing customers around system updates and integrations. The feedback and development requests we have gotten have made it possible to develop CSI Lawyer for the good of all customers.

For the third consecutive year we have chosen to donate a Christmas gift to Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG), who are trying to keep our ever-important Baltic Sea alive.

We wish you all a relaxed Christmas and success and prosperity for the year 2022!

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10.1-versio tuo ohjelmistoon useita toivottuja parannuksia, joihin kuuluvat mm.

  • aiempien toimeksiantojen käyttäminen uusien pohjana
  • ajastimen toiminnallisuusparannukset
  • työaikakirjausten kopiointimahdollisuus
  • laskutettavista toimeksiannoista syntyvien laskujen esikatselu massana
  • verkkolaskujen esikatselutoiminto
  • parannettu, kaksisuuntainen Procountor-integraatio
  • asetuksiin liittyvien käyttöoikeuksien rajoittaminen vain tietylle pääkäyttäjäryhmälle.
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CSI Lawyer 10.0 now integrates to the Clento KYC service enabling customer identification and risk assessments in accordance with the obligations of the Money Laundering Act. From CSI Lawyer, you can login to Clento, start customer identifications and monitor their status.

Information of a completed identification is transferred to CSI Lawyer but all identification related information is saved in Clento only.

For more information, contact either CSI at sales@csihelsinki.fi or Clento, https://www.clento.fi/en/home/.

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CSI’s software development team has new resources. Lauri Jussila has started as a Junior Software Engineer and Brita Lindholm as a Junior Tester.

Melina Moilanen has started in the customer service team as an Account Manager. Melina serves customers in English, Swedish and Finnish.

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Customers using the CSI software version 10.0, can now manage their assignment-related documents also in O365 SharePointissa.

SharePoint can be used either as a simple document storage or through team sites. In the document storage model, there will be only one team site under which documents are saved in their folders. Thus, for each customer there will be a separate folder under which assignment-specific subfolders are created.

The team site model creates a separate team site for the documents of each customer and assignment.

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The version 10.0 of the CSI software enables integration to the DOKS KYC service for managing the customer identification.

The integration enables users to log into DOKS directly from CSI, to start there the required identifications and to monitor their progress. All identification details remain securely in DOKS and only the information of a completed identification is transferred to CSI.

For more information, contact us at sales@csihelsinki.fi.

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Ohjelmistojen 10.0-versio tuo runsaasti parannuksia mm. asiakkaiden tunnistamiseen, avauspyyntöjen käsittelyyn ja käyttöoikeuksien hallintaan.

Ohjelmiston uudet ominaisuudet mahdollistavat esimerkiksi asiakkaiden lisäämisen mustalle listalle, hinnoittelun hallinnoinnin roolihinnastojen avulla, sähköpostimuistutukset, asiakassuunnitelmat sekä ohjelmiston integroinnin erillisiin KYC-palveluihin.

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CSI Lawyer and the other CSI software now enable integration to the Due AML Lawyer service, enabling AML checks, and KYC and risk assessments according to the AML legislation.

The integration can be activated by installing the Due AML plugin to the CSI software defining the required parameters.

Please contact the CSI support for more information och instructions.

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CSI Helsinki is glad to announce the partnership with Due Compliance. The next CSI Lawyer version will offer an integration to Due AML Lawyer, the leading service for AML checks, KYC and risk assessments in the Swedish legal market. The service is built specifically for lawyers’ need to be able to fulfill their obligations under the AML legislation and at the same time to do KYC regarding their clients.

“During my 17 years at three of Sweden’s leading law firms, I lacked good tools for onboarding and registering new clients and cases in a smooth and compliant way. I experienced a special shortcoming regarding AML checks, Risk Assessments and KYC. Two years ago, we four founders sat down and decided to build just such tools that we lacked.  Now, we are really proud to be able to offer our services via CSI Helsinki that is one of the leading legal project management system providers in the Nordics and the Baltics. It fits particularly well now when we launch our completely unique Nordic service Due AML Lawyer Nordics with complete Compliance- and company information from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden”, says Petter Flink, Co-founder and CEO at Due Compliance AB.

“With integration to Due AML Lawyer, we can offer our customers access to complete AML and KYC functions that many of them have previously lacked. It will greatly simplify our customers’ administration and make it much easier for them to be compliant”, says Mikko Hämäläinen, Sales Director CSI Helsinki.

Short facts:

  • Due Compliance was launched for Swedish clients in the spring of 2019 and has already become the leading service in the Swedish legal market. Due AML Lawyer takes the user through 8 clear and simple steps. As a rule, AML checks – except complex ones – do not take more than a few minutes
  • The tool is seamlessly integrated with the external databases and sources required for efficient and correct AML checks, KYC and Risk Assessment of clients and matters. Information on Nordic companies is collected from specific national sources in each country.
  • Regarding information from the rest of the world, Dun & Bradstreet’s worldwide databases have been integrated in Due AML providing access to information about 330 million companies from around the world.
  • The entire process is documented in a report that is easily saved in a customer’s Document Management System and the information flows over to CSI Lawyer through a simple integration via modern APIs.

For further infomation, contact Mikko Hämäläinen, Sales Director CSI Helsinki, +358 40 901 0955, mikko.hamalainen@csihelsinki.fi or
Petter Flink, CEO Due Compliance, +46 72 733 47 55, petter.flink@duecompliance.se.

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Emilia Eklund has started in CSI’s customer support team in September 2020.

As a native Swedish and fluent English speaker, Emilia will be serving CSI customers in all our target markets.

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In March 2020, the following nominations have taken place:

  • Tomas Kindstedt ja Lukas Lönnroth have started as Junior Consultants.
  • Arvind Sedha has been nominated as a Software Development Director.
  • Teemu Vilkko has been nominated as a Product Director.
  • Pekka Salo has been nominated as a Software Consultant.
  • Jannina Fagerström has been nominated as an Account Manager.
  • Marika Tiepuoli has been nominated as a Quality Assurance Manager.
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