Customer management

Do separate CRM systems feel too heavy for your needs? Would CSI Lawyer’s light CRM functionality be adequate for nurturing and developing customer relationships?

Comprehensive customer management

To enable customer management, all parties involved in the legal matters will be added to the software as customers. Their roles can thus be determined for each matter separately.

Each customer is created in the software only once. Therefore, the software provides an easy overview of the registrations, invoicing and payments of each matter of the customer. This structure also effectively supports carrying out conflict checks and managing customer identifications to meet the obligations required by the Money Laundering Act.

If required, you can add to the customer a service restriction e.g. due to unpaid invoices. There may be other reasons, e.g. the former work history of your employees, which prevent new matters to be taken. In that case you can the customer in question to a black list.

Management of corporate structure

When having larger corporations as customers, it is essential to understand their corporate structure. The software enables defining a parent company/subsidiary structure and viewing information also at the parent company level. When new time entries are made, the hour price may also be inherited from the payer’s parent company.

Additional sales and customer acquisition

If your company has no separate marketing tool, you can create mailing lists from contacts saved in CSI Lawyer and link them to document or email templates to send event invitations or campaign letters.

CSI Lawyer also enables the management of prospects and sales opportunities which both can be promoted in the software by delegating and scheduling activities. If the sales efforts are successful, a prospect can easily be converted into a customer and the sales opportunity into a matter.

Developing relationships

You can create customer plans to manage and develop both your prospects and existing customer relationships.

To the plan, you can add relevant information about the relationship status and the goals for its development. You can attach to it both your team involved in the implementation of the plan and the customer contacts towards whom they should target activities to improve the relationship. The actual plan can be added to the software either directly or by saving it as a PDF document. Once saved, the plan will be promoted by adding and scheduling activities and delegating them to team members of the customer plan.