Deployment – according to your needs

We have made hundreds of deployments. The success of each one of them is a matter of honor for us.

When you make a decision to acquire CSI Lawyer, you can count on its successful deployment. The duration of the deployment depends on the size and needs of your company. At best, we can get your software up and running within a few days.

Quick deployment

If there’s no need for a data migration, customized features, or integrations to other systems, the deployment is quick. CSI Lawyer can be taken into productive use in a couple of days.

You can use CSI Lawyer as a cloud service or have it installed to your own system environment. Once the database has been created, the software adapted to support your operations and the users trained, you are ready. The whole deployment and user trainings can be managed easily and cost-effectively, even via remote access.

Full-scope deployment

Depending on your desired project scope, you may have to wait for your CSI Lawyer a little longer. If the deployment includes a data migration, integrations, customization or optimization of your basic processes, we need to set up a light project for it. However, our deployment model aims at delivering even larger projects within a max. 12 weeks.

Data migration

If you wish to have a data migration from the existing system to CSI Lawyer, the project starts by ensuring that your valuable data (users, customers, matters and open billable entries) can be properly migrated. During the migration rounds, your team has an opportunity to verify the migrated data and report back the required corrections until the migration result is acceptable.


Your company may have in use other crucial business systems to which CSI Lawyer should be integrated to eliminate duplicate work. During the deployment, CSI Lawyer can be integrated to the systems most commonly used in the legal industry such as KYC services, time tracking applications, document management, and bookkeeping systems.


Primarily, CSI Lawyer will be adapted to your company’s unique way to operate by using the variety of system settings. The software can also be customized for additional fields and functions. However, we primarily recommend adding customized features only after the deployment when your team already has a better understanding of the software and can re-evaluate the need for customization. If this cannot wait, our team aims at delivering the required customization by the go-live date.


Workshops are a crucial part of each deployment. They enable us to understand your way to operate and its possible challenges, and to gain a mutual understanding of CSI Lawyer’s potential to resolve them and streamline your processes. Typically, workshops focus on the customer and case intake, invoicing process, integrations, and required customization. They enable us to set the optimal way to use the software in your company, as well as to design the required training package for your different user groups.

User training

Training users is an essential part of each deployment regardless of the size of the customer organization. Typically, for the needs of standard users a concise training package of their commonly used functionality is sufficient. Instead, proper training of power users and financial management is worth investing in. It guarantees their ability to take full advantage of the software functionality and will pay for itself as more efficient processes.

As the way to use the software slightly differs in each company, user trainings are always adjusted according to the customer’s needs. In larger companies, the best result is achieved by training sessions given by the company’s power users who know their internal processes well and will act as the primary support of CSI users after the deployment.

All training sessions can also be provided via Teams, which enables recording them for later use.

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