CSI Lawyer as a cloud service

Make your life easier by deploying and using CSI Lawyer as a cloud service.

For small and middle-sized customers (with 30 users or less) CSI Lawyer is also available as a cloud service which offers additional flexibility. As long as the user has an internet connection, the installed CSI software can be used anywhere.

In the cloud service, the CSI Lawyer database is located in the hosting service offered by CSI. Thus, the customer does not have to invest in their own server hardware, nor worry about its maintenance.

The cloud service gives CSI Lawyer enhanced availability and added security. The database is maintained in a supervised, secure data center, and backups of the database are taken daily. All service and maintenance activities of the server environment take place during scheduled maintenance breaks.

When using CSI Lawyer as a cloud service, attaching other services to the software is easy. You can, for example, activate CSI Mobile for registering transactions using mobile devices, or integrate an accounting system, an AML service, or the M-Files document management to CSI Lawyer.

When acquiring CSI Lawyer as a cloud service you can choose whether the CSI database is installed in Frendy’s data center in Finland or in Microsoft’s Azure data center located in Sweden. The Azure option offers customers a high level of availability and security, which is ensured not only by CSI’s certified Azure experts, but also by Microsoft’s data security specialists.

To read more about Microsoft Azure security, click here.

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