What do you actually want to measure? Once understood, our comprehensive range of ready-to-use reports can be complemented with customized reports.

For efficient reporting and analysis of the information, the software offers the following reporting tools which are ready for use as such:


traditional reports


pivot reports


system views


dashboard charts

System views

The easiest way to report data is with the multiple CSI Lawyer views that are great for the needs of basic users. With the predefined view options, you can easily list your desired subset of, for example, registered transactions. With the filtering options, you can further edit the list. If you wish, you can export the data to Excel for further processing.


The illustrative user group specific dashboards are perfect for busy users. They display at a glance the up-to-date status of the key measures, for example, registered and invoiced transactions. Dashboards can be customized to the needs of each user group; lawyers, for example, are primarily interested in their own figures, while shareholders need to keep track of how the whole company is doing.

The dashboard chart library offers multiple ready-to-use charts for the needs of lawyers, users responsible for legal matters, team leaders, partners, and the financial management team. If required, charts can also be tailored for the needs of your company.

Pivot reports

In case you need to analyse figure in more detail, the interactive pivot reports enable you to view the data from different perspectives. The analysis of data is easy; you can simply drag and drop new fields to the report, change their order, and define different filters. The ready-to-use pivot reports allow limited editing, and you can also order completely new pivots from CSI or create them yourself.

Traditional reports

Naturally, the software also offers all the basic reports needed, for example, for bookkeeping. The sales diary, EU sales diary and payment report are complemented with reports concerning open invoices, advances and customer funds. There are also reports for tracking the amount of uninvoiced work and overdue invoices.