CSI Lawyer

The legal case management system capturing routines and letting you focus on more meaningful tasks.


Legal case management, legal practice management or matter management?

Whatever term your office uses to talk about legal case management, CSI Lawyer® is a comprehensive and robust solution to manage all the related key operations. It is designed for law firms of all sizes to professionally manage and invoice their legal cases. It is known for its unique flexibility that supports your chosen business model and processes.

What makes CSI Lawyer special?

CSI Lawyer is a genuinely flexible solution that supports each law firm’s unique way to operate and allows you to continue to develop your business model and processes. While being ready for use as it is, it can also be customized to match your company-specific needs.

It is the right choice to move towards a paperless office. With its digital processes and smooth integrations to third party systems it reduces the amount of paper and manual work.

For lawyers, it offers different options for quick time entries either from Outlook or with a desktop app, mobile devices or Tiq Time.

CSI Lawyer brings operational and financial transparency to your business by covering the accounts receivable within the same system.

We are trusted by the leading law firms in Finland and in the Baltic countries, in addition to an increasing number of law firms in Sweden. Our collaboration with these customers enables us to develop the software to match the variety of business needs in different markets.

Read more about the benefits and get familiar with our references.  If you are interested in details, you’ll find a summary of CSI Lawyer’s features here.