CSI Lawyer

The legal case management system that captures routines while you focus on more meaningful tasks.


Legal case management, legal practice management or matter management?

CSI Lawyer® is a comprehensive and robust solution for all of your key operations. It is designed for large and medium-sized law firms looking for a sophisticated tool to professionally manage and invoice their legal cases. We are known for the unique flexibility that supports your chosen business model and processes. In a nutshell, we support your law firm’s growth and success. 

What makes CSI Lawyer special?

CSI Lawyer is a genuinely flexible solution that supports your unique way to operate and doesn’t keep you from developing your business model and processes. While being ready for use as such, it can also be customized to match with your company-specific needs. It enables you e.g. to apply different pricing models, to put extra focus on finding new customers or to move towards a paperless office. It also integrates smoothly to third party systems. Your lawyers get the needed functionality within Microsoft Office Outlook and can make their time entries with mobile devices, too.

Another specialty is the operational and financial transparency that CSI Lawyer brings to your business. By covering the accounts receivable within the same system, it provides, for example, persons responsible for a customer with up-to-date information of overdue invoices.

We are trusted by the leading law firms in the Baltics and Finland.

Key benefits

As top benefits, our customers emphasize the following:

  • Simplified legal case management, e.g. easy time entries
  • Flexible invoicing and versatile reporting
  • 360-degree view to customers
  • Handy document management
  • Support to business development

Read more about the benefits and get familiar with our references.

If you are interested in details, CSI Lawyer’s key functionality is summarized here.