COBALT, Lettland
Indrikis Liepa, Partner

Kund sedan: 2015
Det bästa med CSI Lawyer:
mångsidiga funktioner, avancerad fakturering och arbetsregistrering, rapportering, användarvänlighet, flexibla integrationer

Indrikis_LiepaIn the beginning of 2016, the law firms Borenius Latvia and COBALT merged and started operating under the name of COBALT Latvia. The company’s legal cases are managed with CSI Lawyer, which had already been in use at Borenius Latvia.

In 2012, Borenius Latvia selected CSI Lawyer due to its advanced invoicing and work recording. Besides, CSI Lawyer proved to offer many other advantages. It supports well both opening and closing new assignments and manages clients’ contact and marketing information. CSI Lawyer’s reporting tools are in continuous use to monitor e.g. work performed by lawyers, work and assignments by industries and types of assignments.

CSI Lawyer’s settings enable easy user-based configuration of the system; e.g. based on their roles and duties the access of some users has been limited to specific system parts. On the other hand, some extra functionalities have been added to the system for the needs of responsible lawyers only.

CSI Lawyer contains the ‘very essence’ of the company’s business; e.g. all client contacts and work time entries. Therefore, for daily operations it is crucial that the system functions well and satisfies the office’s needs.

“According to our experience, CSI Lawyer is user friendly and easy to manage. Our collaboration with CSI Helsinki has been excellent, too. CSI has helped us to solve problematic issues and been willing to comply with our special needs and requests. We can recommend CSI Lawyer as a suitable tool for law offices and CSI Helsinki as a vendor to implement such a system”, summarizes Indrikis Liepa, Partner at COBALT Latvia.


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COBALT operates in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus, being the biggest legal team in the region with more than 180 attorneys and lawyers.