CSI team

Our team consists of 20 professionals with multiple skills. We all share the passion for eliminating unnecessary routines.

The software development team is responsible for maintenance and continuous development of the software. The consulting team helps to adapt the system to your needs and to integrate it to 3rd party systems. The customer service team is in your use whenever facing challenges related to the system use.

Arvind Sedha
Software Development Director

+358 41 730 3281

A passionate Indian Software Engineer with high moral and ethical standards. Always ready to take new challenges and learn new things with an attitude of 'Nothing is impossible if you hit it hard'. Has lived and studied in Finland since 2002.

"Great place to work having workmates like family members. Every day is a new challenge to create something different. It keeps me motivated to do what I passionately love to do from day to day, with workmates of same passion, love, skills and philosophy."


Harri Tiili
Managing Director

+358 40 543 2482

One of the founders of CSI. An early bird who arrives at the office before anyone else. Works hard all year round to be able to devote a couple of weeks to skiing when being invited by fresh powder snow. Has a special relationship with numbers.

"To describe the CSI team and our employees' dedication to their work I would use the words: "Better, Every day".


Jaana Miettinen
Account Manager

+358 41 730 3277

Jaana is an energetic multi-talented and language freak, whose desk is rarely empty. Dance and music are close to Jaana's heart, which can also be seen at the office as occasional dancing and humming. In addition to dancing, Jaana's hobbies include video games, which have influenced her being interested in the software industry.

“It's cool to see what's going on behind the scenes of a program. It's amazing how code snippets can create seamlessly executed game entities, or even ERPs like CSI Lawyer. Coding 101 should definitely be a topic already covered in elementary school, as it will improve the IT skills of an average Joe.”


Jannina Fagerström
Account Manager

+358 50 4712651

A fenno-swede from Vaasa who landed in Helsinki in 2014 after many years abroad. Janni is a customer service oriented language nerd with a sense of humour. She gets her kicks from making her customer’s day a little better (or from proofreading a text).

In her spare time you can find Janni in the kitchen cooking something yummy, at the gym in a yoga position or on the couch with a good book or tv series.


Jari Loiri
IT Manager

+358 40 844 8031

Anyone's best friend whenever you face technical issues. Strongly believes that morning exercise brightens thoughts.

"The small and cheerful CSI team offers a nice working environment as well as a wide range of tasks."


Jenni Minkkinen
Software Tester

+358 10 322 7880

A clever chick from Northern Savonia. Enjoys working with others and especially breaking the CSI program, i.e. finding software bugs before they end up in a client version. In her spare time, her hobbies include organizing events, reading and playing video games.

"Despite my sarcastic sense of humor, what matters most to me at work is the common spirit of the game, understanding both my colleagues and our clients. The customer interface and usability are the parts of my work that appeal to me most."


Jenni Nordman (on maternity leave)
Customer Relationship Manager

+358 50 4398 701

A friendly and calm lady with a deep financial administration experience and a good sense of humor. Previously, Jenni has worked as a financial assistant in a law firm, and thus understands their day-to-day work. As the CSI software has been her daily tool for several years, she is happy to help and advice users representing any user groups or skills levels. In the CSI team, Jenni's focus in on developing customer relationships and on managing support requests.

During her free time Jenni takes good care of her family while enjoying rock music.


John Raunio
Country Manager, Sweden, sales

+46 735 404 371

John grew up in the Swedish speaking part of Finland but got lost in the world already as a young boy. After having been an exchange student in the USA, he spent a few years in Germany and Austria. In 2009, he finally moved to Stockholm where he is living with his girlfriend.

“I am convinced that this small CSI team of thoughtful, committed people will have the capacity to change the world!”


Jukka Partanen

+358 40 049 4866

A passionate cyclist who focuses on healthy eating and living. A CRM expert who runs his own company Q2 Consulting. However, as one of the founders of CSI, is still strongly involved in CSI's business, too. Aims high and keeps his mind open.

"I've seen this company to grow to its current position as a market leader in Finland. Now I look forward to see how it takes its position in the global market, country by country."


Kim Lindström
Software Engineer

+358 10 322 7880

One of those smart guys in our team. Has a sarcastic humor and thrives as a referee on the football field during his spare time.

"At work, I do not take the role as a referee. The different personalities in our team challenge each other, which in turn has a positive impact on the final results of the work."
Lukas Lönnroth
Junior Consultant

+358 41 730 3278

Lukas is a former sailor who moved to Helsinki and graduated as an IT Engineer. Prior to joining CSI, he worked on large-scale applications having a large user base.

Among Lukas's hobbies are, among other things. his own coding projects and golfing, but still his biggest interest is the sea and everything that floats in it.


Marika Tiepuoli
Quality Assurance Manager

+358 10 322 7880

In Marika’s opinion, the value of technology is measured by how useful it is for the end user. That is why she is passionate about contributing to the development of stable and user-friendly software as well as easy-to-read documentation.

MA in Translation and Interpretation, Specialist Qualification in Software Design. Duties at CSI include software testing and technical writing. Together with her husband, she is a servant to a cat. Loves languages, literature, music, and black humor, too.

“These guys are all professionals who have their heart in the right place. At CSI you have a chance to do real work with little bureaucracy. Relaxed atmosphere, where you are always encouraged to further develop your skills.”


Mikko Hämäläinen
Sales Director

+358 40 901 0955

Likes travelling. However, after living in Switzerland and Germany has settled down in Finland as a family man. Has a history from Ironman triathlon events. Nowadays his favorite triathlon consists of gym, golf and cycling.

"I am excited about meeting new customers, finding out about their challenges and then getting back to the office and - in collaboration with the rest of the CSI team - looking for a solution to resolve them."


Pekka Salo
Software Consultant

+358 44 481 1737

Moved to the Helsinki Metropolitan area from Tavastia. Looks for opportunities for challenging himself continuously. During his leisure time, travels as much as possible.

”CSI is a great bureaucracy-free work community, created by passionate and committed people. Every day is different, giving me an opportunity to be involved in interesting customer projects."


Saara Arolainen
Account Manager

+358 50 313 5460

A happy lady with a good sense of humor. Though starting up in a completely new industry is exciting, Saara relies on her strong customer service experience and having customer satisfaction very close to her heart. She will be devoted to taking good care of CSI's Swedish customers and their software deployment.

Out of office Saara enjoys life to the fullest, and relaxes preferably by enjoying good food, nature or music and culture in different forms.


Taina Malmivirta
Business Development Director

+358 45 133 5315

Switches flexibly between business development, HR, marketing, documentation, contracts and fruit shopping for the office.

"CSI is an ideal working environment. A small company can't afford unproductive routines, but keeps the focus on things creating value-add for customers. Our team consists of multi-talented personalities who all want to be the strongest links."


Teemu Vilkko
Product Director

+358 41 730 3280

Born in the Eastern Finland. Likes rock music of 60's and 70's and dreams about travelling around the world.

”We have a tremendous team here at CSI, so it is always nice to come to work. I also appreciate the fact that all the practical things run smoothly without too much bureaucracy."


Timo Mattila
Junior Software Engineer

+358 10 322 7880

A team player who does a lot but talks a little. Timo’s strategy of speaking only when he has something relevant to say guarantees that he will always be heard.

Coding has been a part of Timo’s life since he first touched a computer. He fills his leisure time with various coding projects, and has a particular interest in games.
Tomas Kindstedt
Junior Consultant

+358 41 730 3279

Tomas is an IT engineer from Espoo. Always interested in analytical problem solving and always wanting to learn something new. Tomas believes that by doing things the right way from the start you avoid redoing them again later. He has a relaxed attitude towards work and always tries to keep his humor - even under stressful situations.

During his free time, Tomas likes to spend time with his family in their cabin, playing games or scuba diving.


Toni Raevaara
Software Engineer

+358 10 322 7880

A Tavastian who hung his upholstery and helmet on the hook and moved to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to find new challenges.

"CSI is a great place to learn new things. I'm facing new challenges at work every day, and the team consists of excellent teachers helping the newcomer out."