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Mari Lampenius, verkställande direktör & Päivi Orpana, kontorschef

Kund sedan: 2013
Det bästa med CSI Lawyer: anpassad för juridikbranschen, modernt verktyg, tillförlitlighet, fakturering, rapportering, anpassningsbart, kompatibelt med Romeo


Mari LampeniusSusiluoto Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. had been considering to replace their system with a more versatile and effective one. The time to take action came when the legal aid e-service Romeo was published by the Finnish Ministry of Justice. CSI Lawyer offered compatibility with Romeo as well as the desired functionality.

CSI Lawyer was a natural choice for Susiluoto. ”Of course, we knew that CSI Lawyer was ”the Software” for law firms; particularly designed for the legal industry, professionally made and tested, and working well. We wanted to have a solid software, serving us also when our business grows”, states Päivi Orpana, Office Manager at Susiluoto.

The deployment of the new software was planned carefully, and it went well. Susiluoto knew that transferring their massive and complex database to the new software wouldn’t happen overnight. However, all required data was transferred successfully to CSI Lawyer, and any challenges were resolved in close collaboration.

Susiluoto’s personnel was ready for the change. Their positive attitude was still reinforced with thorough user training. The basic training was complemented with another training session after the system had been in use for a few months. The investment has paid back: the users find CSI Lawyer as a logic and user friendly tool. Susiluoto’s organization is light-weighted, so their attorneys also use the software regularly. The attorneys are supported by Susiluoto’s own power users, who get further advice from CSI Helsinki whenever needed.

CSI Lawyer has met Susiluoto’s expectations. Various predefined lists speed up the use of the system, and the invoicing process has reached a new level of effectiveness. Some of the earlier stages in their process are now skipped, invoices look clear and demands for payment are created easily. The Pivot reporting offers all the necessary information, and – most importantly – it is reliable. Next, they’ll investigate attaching a separate document management system to CSI Lawyer.

Susiluoto has been very satisfied with the CSI user support. It hasn’t let them down; any problems have been resolved quickly by CSI. Susiluoto uses the software through a remote desktop, and the good collaboration between CSI Helsinki and Susiluoto’s IT partner has exceeded all expectations.

”Susiluoto’s attorneys are highly specialized, having also a long experience on court trials. However, we are a relaxed and straightforward office which fosters good spirit and atmosphere. Modern tools, such as CSI Lawyer, also have their impact on job satisfaction”, adds Mari Lampenius, Managing Director.

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