Advokatbyrå Project Law Ab
Antti Laaksonen, Managing Partner

Kund sedan: 2008
Det bästa med CSI Lawyer: centralicerad ärendehantering, up-to-date tidrapportering, smidig månatlig fakturering



At Project Law, CSI Lawyer has been in use since spring 2008. Earlier they managed both their time entries and invoicing manually with Excel. With a growing number of employees, it became obvious that there was a need for a professional tool for managing time entries and invoicing.  Currently, CSI Lawyer supports their 10 persons in the daily work.

“By implementing CSI Lawyer, we were able to centralize to a single space all information related to cases. Now customer information, invoicing details as well as case-related documents are all linked to the case.  For our lawyers, it is easy to keep time entries up to date, and the financial team is able to manage the monthly invoicing smoothly”, says Antti Laaksonen, Managing Partner.

Next, Project Law will focus on finetuning CSI Lawyer’s reporting and list views to match with the company’s needs. A new advanced document management solution is in their plans, too. It would enable them to manage documents even more effectively and seamlessly linked to CSI Lawyer.

Project Law Attorneys Ltd is specialized in property transactions and leasing of premises, law on construction and land use, legal support for projects in Russia and the Baltic states, dispute resolution and corporate law.