Advokatbyrå Lukander Ruohola HTO Ab
Juhani Ekuri, advokat, Partner

Kund sedan: 1994
Det bästa med CSI Lawyer: mångsidiga funktioner, lätt att använda


juhani ekuri 2At Lukander Ruohola HTO the way to use CSI Lawyer® has been refined according to the company culture. The atmosphere in the company is casual and free of unnecessary hierarchies. Therefore, limitations are also minimized when using CSI Lawyer, e.g. all user groups have full access to legal cases.

Users have freedom to use the system the way they find most effective. Some lawyers make their time entries directly to the system, others rely on their secretaries. Many appreciate quick links when making time entries, but Juhani Ekuri, attorney at law and partner at the company is not in favor of them. ”I want to see the whole status of the legal case; therefore I prefer a bit longer process to make my registrations. My aim is to make high-quality entries which are ready to be invoiced by the secretary. Customers often have a need for special invoicing arrangements. According to my knowledge, CSI Lawyer has always been flexible enough to enable the desired end result” Ekuri says.

Though in a small company it is relatively easy to follow up with the business status, Ekuri is an active user of CSI Lawyer’s reporting. The system produces easily reports of new legal cases for the weekly meetings, and enables effective monitoring of registrations and invoicing.

Currently Lukander Ruohola HTO is evaluating the possible value of CSI Lawyer’s dashboard charts for their different user groups. Graphical charts might offer an easy, real-time tool for users to monitor their own work performance. However, dashboards like all other CSI Lawyer functionalities have to pass a careful evaluation; they are taken into use if they seem to create real value-add to the business.

”From my point of view, ease of use and versatile functionality are CSI Lawyer’s biggest strengths. Collaboration with CSI has worked smoothly, too. Our power user acts as the contact point to CSI, we haven’t experienced any system availability issues and for other challenges, we have always got quick help” Ekuri states.

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Lukander Ruohola HTO is a law practice centrally located in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. They have presence also in Turku, Salo and Kuopio through their offices. They have specialised in both domestic and international law for clients who range from private individuals through to both SMEs, as well as larger national and international businesses. Lukander Ruohola HTO is a member of the Finnish Bar Association, which thus provides the assurance of the stringent professional requirements.