Advokatbyrå Castrén & Snellman Ab
Terhi Talvitie, ekonomidirektör

Kund sedan: 1996
Det bästa med CSI Lawyer: anpassat för advokatbyråer, centraliserad ärendehantering, förbättrad tidshantering, 360 graders överblick över kunder och ärenden, användarvänlighet, flexibla integrationer

Terhi_Talvitie_220x308 px (2)Castrén & Snellman is one of CSI Helsinki’s first customers. The customer relationship has evolved through close R&D collaboration, as Castrén & Snellman has been involved in the development of the latest CSI system versions. The business of a large and international law firm sets specific requirements for a case management system and its ability to be integrated with the office’s other systems. So Castrén & Snellman has been contributing views on business needs of a large law firm. The result of this collaboration is CSI Lawyer, a solution that meets their demanding and changing needs.

The deployment of CSI Lawyer has improved time management and made the whole way of working more effective at Castrén & Snellman. ”Our assignments are now managed centrally in one place, but people have access to them regardless of their location. We have also gained significant paper savings since we started to manage the whole process electronically”, says Terhi Talvitie, Finance Director.

The Helsinki, Moscow and St Petersburg offices use CSI Lawyer in English. Castrén & Snellman emphasizes the system’s user-friendliness; both adaptation of the system as well as its daily use have been found easy by users. ”Also, the flexible integration with our other systems and document management make our work easier. The system offers 360-degree views of the customer and the assignment, which have been tailored according to the needs of our different user groups”, Talvitie states.

”The functionality of CSI Lawyer meets our objectives for a case management system. The system reflects CSI Helsinki’s legal industry expertise and their ability to take into account the industry’s special requirements”, summarizes Heikki Ilvessalo, Development Director.



Castrén & Snellman is the largest and oldest law firm in Finland. The company was founded in 1888 and employs more than one hundred lawyers. Castrén & Snellman has offices in Helsinki, Moscow and St Petersburg. In other parts of the world, they work with an extensive international network of law firms, which they have vetted for reliability and reputability.