Preferring Outlook or Mobile Devices?

CSI Lawyer is available for both.


All users have no need for the whole CSI Lawyer functionality. In that case, you may prefer to use CSI Lawyer’s key functionality in Microsoft Office Outlook or make time entries with a mobile device.

Use in Outlook

The main CSI Lawyer functionality is available in Microsoft Office Outlook. By installing an Outlook AddIn you’ll get to your Outlook a CSI Lawyer tab which allows you to carry out conflict checks and to manage customer and case data.

You can make time entries directly from e-mails, appointments or tasks without having to register separately to CSI Lawyer. From appointments you can register critical tasks, too. When making time entries, also the related e-mails can be attached to CSI Lawyer as notes, enabling e.g. the financial team to see them in CSI Lawyer.

In Outlook, you can also access the most common CSI Lawyer reports and utilize contact details saved to CSI Lawyer. In case you wish to archive your Outlook emails to a shared disk or to a separate document management system, you simply have to activate another AddIn.

Please see a brief video about using CSI Lawyer in Outlook.


Use in Mobile

Every unregistered work hour, activity and expense means a lost invoicing opportunity.

CSI Mobile enables registering, viewing and editing time entries with a mobile device. Besides, you can monitor your registration totals on weekly basis. CSI Mobile is available for Windows and Android devices, iPhones and iPads.

One of the satisfied CSI Mobile users is Borenius Attorneys Ltd. You can get familiar with CSI Mobile by watching the below video.