Why partner with us?

We have a deep industry knowledge, great tool, excellent service and more than 2000 users.


INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE: We know your challenges

Since 1985 CSI’s mission has been to minimize the burden of daily routines in law firms in order to allow them focus on more productive legal duties, which generate invoicing and profit.

We’ve had an opportunity to get involved in many kinds of legal case processes. We understand the law firm challenges and – in most cases – know how similar challenges have been resolved elsewhere. Therefore, we are able to offer both a sophisticated legal case management tool and support for its successful implementation.

Today, CSI systems already have more than 2000 users. Among them are 2/3 of the Top30 Finnish law firms as well as leading Baltic law firms.

”The system reflects CSI Helsinki’s legal industry expertise and their ability to take into account the industry’s special requirements.”
– Heikki Ilvessalo, Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd.,Development Director

TOOL: The second best option

Why not the best? Because an optimal tool would enable law firms to gain results without making any time entries at all. We offer the second best option by making all case-related administrative routines as smooth and effective as possible.

The versatile and easy-to-use CSI Lawyer helps customers to get more out of their work hours. Lawyers, partners, and CFOs can gain a better understanding of their business with dashboards and other reporting tools. Based on customer feedback, we develop CSI Lawyer continuously to ensure that it matches with the customer needs as well as with modern technologies and official regulations.

”Of course, we knew that CSI Lawyer was ”the Software” for law firms; particularly designed for the legal industry, professionally made and tested, and working well.”
Päivi Orpana, Office Manager, Susiluoto Attorneys-at-Law Ltd.


SERVICE: Always aiming at excellence

Our goal is to ensure that any customer who has selected our software, will have a positive service experience, too. We focus on expertise of our personnel and on high-quality, friendly customer service both when setting up the system, training users or supporting them on daily basis.

Customer satisfaction is a crucial measure in our company. We monitor it regularly and develop our services based on the results.

”Our collaboration with CSI has been excellent. CSI has both helped us to solve problematic issues and been willing to comply with our special needs and requests.”
Indrikis Liepa, Partner, COBALT, Latvia