CSI Lawyer offers the full functionality for managing demanding legal cases.


CSI Lawyer offers all you need for keeping your legal cases and customers in good order, and the Outlook-like logic is easy to learn. Functions have been grouped as task areas to serve different user groups.

The Workplace contains all that is needed daily by lawyers; e.g. customers, legal cases (assignments), work-related entries and reports, deadlines, items they need to review as well as information about their invoicing. By selecting an assignment, CSI Lawyer opens all the required tools for managing the case. Similarly, persons responsible for invoicing, payments and reporting are provided with the required toolkit in the Financial Management task area.

CSI Lawyer enables you to flexibly manage user rights and restrict access to sensitive cases. It can be tailored for the needs of different user groups by hiding folders and fields which they do not need. The reporting can be tailored user-based, too, to provide relevant up-to-date information for each user group.

Please find CSI Lawyer’s key functions summarized in the below table.

- Assignment request to open new cases
- Basic case and invoicing data
- Conflict checks
- Case phasing
- Fixed-priced assignments
- Team-, role- and user-based pricing
- Transaction type based pricing
- Day pricing and fixed priced transactions
- Transaction (billable time) and expense entries
- Transaction posting periods
- Price limit per case
- Activities and work time entries
- Deadlines and critical tasks
- Cases covered by a legal expenses insurance
- Documents and e-mails related to cases
- Case closing and archiving process
- Guided preliminary invoice verification
- Price adjustments per author/payer
- Customized invoice templates
- Subscription invoicing
- Invoices as prints, e-invoices and email attachments
- Invoicing of cases covered by a legal expenses insurance
- Advance, proof and summary invoices
- Payment demands; delay interests and reminder fees
- Crediting/cancelling of invoices
- Payment management
- Customer funds and movable properties
- Customer identification
- Customer’s basic, contact and invoicing data
- Management of party roles
- Management of corporate structure
- Case and invoicing history
- Documents and e-mails related to customers
- Service restriction
- Management of relationship networks
- Mailing list management
- Sales opportunities
- Prospects (limited)
- Attachment of documents and e-mails to cases and customers
- Document templates retrieving customer or case data
- Creating personalized letters to mailing list members
- Document archiving
- Management of user/user group rights
- Insider register
- Monitoring of users’ work hours
- User-based reminders
- Messaging between users
- Basic reports
- System views
- User based / user group based dashboard charts
- Interactive Pivot reports
- Exporting data to Excel
- Office Outlook
(customers, cases, time entries,reports, e-mail archiving)
- Document Management
(M-Files, WorkSite, eDocs, Therefore, NetDocuments)
- Customer Relationship Management
(Ms Dynamics CRM, Interaction)
- Accounting systems
(Wintime, Procountor, Ms Dynamics Ax, Directo)