Benefits for Your Business

These are the CSI Lawyer benefits our customers emphasize.


Simplified Legal Case Management

You can manage all your legal cases within one tool. Keep customer and case information updated. Handle pricing, coordinate tasks, make registrations, invoice, manage payments and benefit from versatile reporting.


“The deployment of CSI Lawyer has improved our time management and made the whole way of working more effective. Our assignments are now managed centrally in one place, but people have access to them regardless of their location.”
Terhi Talvitie, Finance Director, Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd.


Easy Time Entries

You can easily register time entries and expenses. There are multiple entry options to choose from. The most commonly used fields can be defined as defaults to speed up the process. You can also make time entries with mobile devices or directly from Outlook emails, appointments and tasks.


 “More advanced invoicing and work recording were the very basic functionalities we looked for. Besides them, CSI Lawyer provides valuable functionalities which support both opening and closing of assignments.”
Indrikis Liepa, Partner, Cobalt, Latvia


“CSI Mobile has eased making time entries both on the road and at the office.”
– Anne-Mari Patteri, Financial Director, Borenius Attorneys Ltd


Flexible Invoicing

You get first-class invoicing functionality and professional-looking invoice templates. Invoice content and price can be edited flexibly, supported by a special preliminary invoice review process. Invoices can be sent also by e-mail or as e-invoices, and you can easily manage customer payments and send payment reminders.


”Our invoicing process has reached a new level of effectiveness. Some of the earlier process stages are now skipped, invoices look clear and demands for payment are created easily.”
Päivi Orpana, Office Manager, Susiluoto Attorneys-at-Law Ltd.


Versatile Reporting

The real-time reporting enables developing the business and reacting quickly on deviations, as it provides meaningful information in the right format to all user groups. Illustrative dashboards show the registration and invoicing status at a glance. Multiple views serve as quick reports, and interactive Pivot reports enable a detailed analysis. Naturally, you have traditional reports in your use e.g. for bookkeeping.


“The system enables us to monitor the work and assignments by industries, lawyers,  types of assignments etc.”
– Indrikis Liepa, Partner, Cobalt, Latvia


Complete View to Customers

The legislation preventing money laundering and terrorism financing requires law firms to identify their customers. CSI Lawyer enables both customer identification and conflict checks. It gives a 360-degree view to customer information, other parties and relationship networks, and also keeps the history data. The system can be adapted to serve your basic CRM needs, too, and for more demanding needs, it integrates to separate customer relationship management systems.


”We utilize the system also for managing clients’ contact and marketing information.”
Indrikis Liepa, Partner, Cobalt, Latvia


”The system offers to the customer and the assignment 360-degree views, which have been tailored according to the needs of our different user groups.”
Terhi Talvitie, Finance Director, Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd.


Handy Document Management

By attaching related documents to a customer or a case, your whole team gets access to them. Documents can be saved either to a shared disk or to a separate document management system, such as M-Files. The system also enables creating document templates which retrieve case or customer data, making document creation faster and improving data accuracy.


”We manage customer and case related documents through the CSI system; it has decreased the amount of manual work and made finding the documents easier.”
Kalle Ervasti, Lawyer, Ervasti & Kunnas


Support to Business Development

Last, but not least, you can set up CSI Lawyer the way that best supports your company’s way to operate. If the flexible settings are not enough, the system is customizable. With available integrations you can also attach it to 3rd party systems.

The way the system is used in your company can be developed continuously. And if there are major changes in your business needs or in the whole legal industry, CSI Lawyer doesn’t let you down. We count on its flexibility to support you in varied circumstances.


We wanted to have a solid software, serving us also when our business grows.”
Päivi Orpana, Office Manager, Susiluoto Attorneys-at-Law Ltd.


”The flexible integrations with our other systems make our work easier.”
Terhi Talvitie, Finance Director, Castrén & Snellman Attorneys-at-Law Ltd.